Here are some of the modalities we use to provide you the best service possible:

Osteo-articular pumping

Osteo-Articular Pumping is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of ‘fascia’, or your body’s connective tissues. Linking your body’s muscles, bones, organs and almost all that you consider ‘vital’ within you; the fascia must be elastic, flexible and able to handle the stress you place on the body day to day. It often becomes retracted, restricted and dehydrated; better resembling leather than something elastic.

Pumping allows the fluid within your connective tissues to move once more, helping ligaments to support, joints to move and tissues to glide over one another again, helping reduce inflammation, aches, pain and tightness.

Pumping is effective as part of a rehabilitation programme, or even right before a training session, to improve joint movement.



Massage Therapy can be a fantastic tool for recovery, relaxation and removing ‘knots’ and ‘trigger points’ from muscles. It can also leave you black and blue with bruises! This is actually a bleed, and an injury to the body. Armed with a more complete understanding of the anatomy and structures we’re affecting as sports massage therapists; it’s easier to be a little more precise with treatment, allowing for a massage¬†experience that is effective, relaxing and less likely to leave you walking around like you’ve been hit by a bus.

Neuro-Skeletal Therapy

Neuro-Skeletal Therapy incorporates both exercise and manual techniques to help normalise the body. Looking at the neurology of movement, we can assess where muscles need to contract during your work, gym or sports environments, but aren’t. Providing a well-timed and specific intervention, we can change this in a matter of minutes. Combined with the other modalities I offer, NST allows us to fast-track our progress.


An ELDOA is a type of exercise, that increases the space inside a given joint. Using the ELDOA method, we can target any articulation within the spine, ribcage, shoulder girdle or hips; and help with osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, neurological symptoms and much more!

If your doctor has diagnosed you with a herniated disc at C5-C6; you can open the joint, giving more space for the disc. If you struggle with recovery after a leg workout, you can create more space at L4-L5 to improve the blood flow to the lower body. If you play golf, you can generate more rotation by doing the ELDOA for the ribcage. All these things you can do, in an exercise that requires no equipment, and can be achieved in just 1 minute.

Analytical & segmental strengthening

We use analytical & segmental strengthening to precisely develop evenness in the muscles of the body; bringing up lagging muscles to help out those that jump into action at every opportunity. Segmental strengthening plays a large role in our programmes, along with myofascial stretching and ELDOA, as it forms part of your checklist for things you can do in your free time, to help move you towards your goal! It is possible to perform exercises which target proximally or distally, superficially or deeper in nearly every muscle in the body; which when balanced, makes everything you want to be able to do, look easy!

MYOfascial stretching

Myofascial stretching is a stretching technique that allows for the most targeted effect on a muscle. While some traditional stretching techniques can be very effective, when specifically looking to balance the body; a more detailed approach should be considered. For example, if you are told to stretch your triceps, it is worth your time considering why they only give you one¬†exercise – aren’t they called triceps because there’s three of them?!

Myofascial stretching allows for the tissues to glide without friction, helping prevent tendonitis, bursitis, poor posture and restriction, and allows you to actually stretch what you think you’re stretching, helping you get the most out of it.


Musculoskeletal Assessment & Programme Design

All of these tools and techniques sound great and all, but in reality they mean very little without the knowledge of when to pick each one. Just because your next door neighbour bought themselves a brand new set of power tools, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust them to fix your fence! My goal has always been to provide the most professional service I can, and that requires being able to look into what’s really going on in the body, and develop a plan of action based on the most reliable information available. Having the tools and understanding to assess joint mobility, alignment of the body, notice lazy tendencies in your movement and more, helps me to choose the most effective techniques possible to help you out!

I felt achy in the back and hips yesterday, and today the hips are still a bit tender, but I feel great in myself, infact Friday was the first night for as long as I can remember where I have actually slept all night without waking with an irritable back. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s class.


Worked with Tom via group ELDOA classes to improve posture and core stability

I very much enjoyed the circuits class, thank you so much! The programme was very useful to go through, I feel very motivated again, rather than anxious after hurting my back. Thank you again for all your help, you are so good at explaining and teaching, also for sending the link for the little machine [home exercise equipment].


Worked with Tom 1-to-1 to return to attending exercise classes post injury

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