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Thursdays 5pm - 5.45pm
A completely bodyweight, low impact exercise class designed to segmentally strengthen every part of every muscle. This is great for toning and shaping the muscles, but even more to create complete control of the body, helping with injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as functional strength when returning to full body exercises using free weights

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Thursdays 6pm - 6.45pm
ELDOA is the missing piece in your exercise schedule. It will challenge your body in a safe & low impact way, and is excellent both as a recovery class from lifting weights or spinning, or as a full workout on its own. The exercises are great to improve posture and strength, creating long & lean muscle tone. During ELDOA, you are normalising the tension throughout the body, from the muscles, to the organs, to the joints. Designed for all levels of fitness.

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Fridays 5pm - 5.45pm
SHRED is the ultimate 'you vs you' challenge! Where HIIT class meets resistance training; you develop lean, functional muscle that shows off the fitness you've gained. Not for the faint of heart, or for those who are just getting into fitness.