That statement may require a moment for you to get your head around! What I mean is that playing golf and keeping fit; is different to keeping golf-fit. Fitness & Training with golf in mind should be about more than your fastest 5k or your bench press PB: It should be about improving your body’s response to the specific demands arising in a golf environment. This isn’t to say that improving your aerobic endurance or weightlifting performance is bad for golf; but simply guessing at what may help can create as much harm to your game as it could help it.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional

At TPI, the philosophy of the golf swing is  “There is no one way to swing a golf club. There are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club. However, there is only one way to efficiently swing a golf club, and it’s based on what you can physically do.”

As TPI Certified fitness professionals, we’re in the business of working with your golf pro to develop the physical ability to get into the positions you need to make the swing you’d like to make, effortlessly and consistently without pain.

By screening you for the physical indicators of developing any of the big 12 swing characteristics (often termed swing faults), it is possible to pinpoint and intervene with potential physical causes of sway, early extension, early release of the club, reverse spine angle or any of the other commonly experienced characteristics of a swing that can affect both performance and longevity on the golf course.


The 1-2-3-4 model to a better golf body:

1 Body

1 Body

Your body is an amazing machine. However, unlike the machines in your garage: you don’t get one for work and one for the weekend. It doesn’t come with a warranty or trade-in agreement, and repairs usually cost you more than just money. Additionally; just because your friend’s Ford Focus handled better with new suspension, you wouldn’t assume that yours would too! Every single one of my clients goes through a physical assessment process, where the goal is for me to learn about the individual needs of your body, allowing me to develop the right exercise programme for you, meaning we can progress as effectively as we possibly can!

2 goals:



My goal is to help you create the physical changes in your body you’re looking for to supplement the work you’re putting in on the range; in helping you play as hard and for as long as you choose to.

Let’s Take a look at the 3 key performance attributes for a golf-ready body:


In physics, Power = Speed x Strength, and Force = Mass x Acceleration. To you, this means the ability to move more load, in less time allows for greater force production, and more distance off the tee. This is part of why stiff shafts are recommended for golfers with higher swing speeds – when someone is strong enough to swing the heavier club without losing too much speed, then providing ball striking isn’t off; they’ll be able to hit the ball harder. Again, with the correct exercise choices, we can train this to gain you distance, without turning you into a bodybuilder.


I’m not talking about adjusting your swing to improve ball striking – that’s between you and your pro. However, there are neurological and mechanical reasons why your timing may feel off on some days, or deteriorate throughout a round. There are exercises and things you can do to improve your ability to maintain concentration and coordination throughout fatigue, which really do help with maintaining performance as you reach the end of your round, and this is the kind of detail that makes a difference, and that you won’t get from other fitness pros.


Of course, we understand golfers require a decent degree of flexibility. Being able to touch your toes is a good start, but flexibility goes beyond that. If I told you that each joint between a rib and the spine held the power over 1 degree of rotation in your body, as did each joint between the thoracic vertebrae, and that you have 12 ribs, right and left as well as 12 thoracic vertebrae, and there is a 60 second exercise you can do at home, with no equipment to create space in every one of those joints; I expect you’ll be pretty excited having already done the maths and wondering what you’d be able do with 36 different ways to improve your backswing.

Our 4-step model for creating sustainable change in your body





Nobody can argue that the golf swing takes its toll on your back, shoulders, neck, hips and pretty much everything. The goal of this simple 4 step model is to create sustainable change that will benefit your body for the rest of your life; not just the upcoming medal matches this season. Ensuring that your body has a solid foundation through developing optimal flexibility and stability, provides us a platform upon which we can enhance those key physical indicators of improved performance.

Let me answer your questions!

Opposite are a list of frequently asked questions about my golf fitness programmes – hopefully this information provides some of the answers you’re looking for. If not, send me a message and I’d be happy to answer!

Why would I benefit from your help instead of my golf pro?

You won’t. Any trainer claiming to help you score lower than your pro can help you to has either never played golf, or will say anything to get their hands on your pocketbook. My job is to work with your pro, in figuring out the most effective and efficient positions that you can physically achieve, in order to swing the club well and without pain. While golf is played by individuals, it is won by a team.

I'm not a competitive golfer, wouldn't this kind of training be too much for me?

The brilliant thing about this wonderful game of ours is that you really can play with anyone, at any age. In order to make this possible; it’s my job to make golf fitness as much about longevity as it is about performance. A tailored golf-fitness programme, therefore, is as beneficial for preventing everyday aches & pains as it is for improving your physical attributes.

I don't have access / I don't want to subscribe to a gym to workout. Is there anything I can do at home that will help?

YES. In fact, much of what I teach clients can be done at home, with no equipment and can create a benefit with as little as 5 minutes of your time each day. When you know exactly what to work on, you get to replace the guessing with things that truly make a difference. 

I'm A GOLF Pro, and have students who may benefit from a physical evaluation or programme. What's the process for this?

Excellent! I’d love to pick up the phone or meet you in person. I believe that being able to speak the same language when it comes to what a student is currently up to, and what they need to do is critical to success when using the team approach to a golfer. Let’s have a chat and discuss the best route forward. Please fill out the consultation form or get in touch through the contact details provided. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fancy finding out more?

Get in touch today – I like to offer everyone who’s interested in golf fitness a free consultation hour; to chat, have a cup of coffee, and walk through challenges & expectations. No obligations.