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What is Tom Jeanes Health?

Tom Jeanes Health

Having experienced firsthand the dangers of poorly informed exercise choices and seen his fair share of one-size fits all, non-inclusive and dangerous examples of coaching; Tom has made it his mission to create a truly personalised experience for clients; offering a service that makes you feel understood, and supported.

Having travelled all across the country to study with world leading experts in sports rehabilitation, advanced manual therapy, corrective exercise coaching and applied functional neurology; Tom has sought to develop a toolkit allowing him to treat each client individually, and work with them to create a programme taking into account their specific needs, and showing them how to manage their own injuries, health conditions or fitness levels as they seek to achieve their goals.

“My goal has been to create an environment where those who feel unconfident, out of place or forgotten are not left behind. Having seen the influence of the magazines and ‘get fit quick schemes’ filter all the way down into everyday health & fitness settings, I wanted to offer people a space where they could feel adequately supported in attaining their health & fitness goals, without social pressure or intimidation.”

Tom works with clients locally in Salisbury, Wiltshire and specialises in working with older adults and those looking for sustainable exercise and health programmes. He has also worked with competitive golfers, teens and young adults seeking to improve their health, fitness and sporting performance.

I had my first shoulder injury five years ago when I was fifteen, after playing in a rugby match. I was injured in the right shoulder, which kept progressively getting worse as the years went by. After spending the last two to three years having multiple doctors trying to fix the problem, I was recommended physio therapy. This only solved the issue for a short while as after a few weeks my shoulder was in pain again. It was at this point I was recommended by my friend to try a neurology therapist. Personally was the best decision I have made. Where years of doctors appointments and physio therapy had failed to heal my shoulder, even after one session with Tom my shoulder felt better than it had done in years. By having a few more sessions my shoulder feels no more pain and I am now able to play sports without having to worry about pain in my shoulder. This treatment seriously changed my life for the better. Big thank you to Tom Jeanes

Student, worked with Tom to exercise without persistent pain

Tom is amazing at what he does! Trust me when I say “he knows his stuff!” He’ll adjust your positioning ever so slightly and it will work! Kudos to him and his amazing team at Avon Valley.


Attended group exercise classes with Tom at Lifestyle Fitness

Sessions are available as an individual or group