"A more sustainable approach to health - helping you find the tools you need to move, feel and be well on your own terms."

Personal Training & COrrective exercise

My goal is to help you move better. To me, this means developing good posture, core function, flexibility & stability. This ensures that your body can withstand the physical challenges of your work & everyday environment, allowing you to get stronger, faster, slimmer or whatever goal you may have without worrying about injury! You will learn how to take care of your movement needs and develop the skills you need to keep joints healthy, tissues supple and your brain active – all of which will help you to do what you enjoy doing for longer, with less worry and more fun!

A whole health approach

Sustainability is something I think is often overlooked when it comes to exercise, injuries and health in general. With lots of programmes offering ‘ultra fast fat loss’ with no accountability or sustainable eating habits, and injury rehabilitation programmes with no emphasis on teaching how to maintain any improvements, it’s very easy to believe that long term results are simply a feature of strong marketing. Sometimes; there’s more we can do. It does take a little more attention and effort, but closely considering some diet & lifestyle choices really do make a difference, when you know what to look for!

Bodywork - Sports Massage & Manual Therapies

Also included in the services I offer clients is hands-on bodywork. This includes sports massage therapy, osteo-articular pumping, neuro-skeletal therapies; all of which will help you feel better, relax, alleviate aches & pains, and improve your body’s responsiveness to exercise programmes. Being able to offer both manual work and exercise coaching puts me in a position where I can both help your body align itself properly, AND give you the exercise tools you need to self-normalise and maintain this progress. This gives you the power, as it means you aren’t reliant on me.

I felt achy in the back and hips yesterday, and today the hips are still a bit tender, but I feel great in myself, infact Friday was the first night for as long as I can remember where I have actually slept all night without waking with an irritable back. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s class.


Worked with Tom via group ELDOA classes to improve posture and core stability

The programme was very useful to go through, I feel very motivated again, rather than anxious after hurting my back. Thank you again for all your help, you are so good at explaining and teaching, also for sending the link for the little machine [home exercise equipment].     


Worked with Tom 1-to-1 to return to attending exercise classes post injury

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